Introducing The Forge

Introducing The Forge: A Family Ministry Blog

When I first sat down to create this blog I was intimidated; I struggled with a serious case of “imposter syndrome”. Surely, someone would figure out that I had no business writing about family, parenting, discipling children, or anything else for that matter. Building families is important, powerful work that God calls us to do, and how could I measure up to that call?

But then, in the midst of my doubts and hesitancy, I was reminded of the glory of our King. There is a promise for us, in Christ, that our faults, our mistakes, our erring ways, are not only forgiven, but that we are loved in spite of them. We are imperfect beings living imperfect lives. There are no imposters here, just people doing the best they can in the name of a God who loves with abandon.

And that love, fierce, tremendous, and beyond measure, is something we can understand, even in the smallest way, when we look upon our children and our families.

There is a tremendous heart for family at Iron Works Church; the energy, resources, and service that volunteers provide week after week to our children and our families are a testament to how Iron Works prioritizes families. We included a “What We Believe” section on The Forge site that testifies to the reasons why we believe this content highlights the importance of families here at Iron Works Church. Check out our "About" page which outlines our core values. 

I envision this blog as a place of comfort and encouragement, of motivation and reminders, of discourse and ideas. It is a place for us as parents, when we feel like imposters, to come for a pep-talk. It is also a place for us, when we feel good enough to relax into the better days, to feel heartened. It is a place to celebrate and to give thanks for our little disciples. Parenting is hard, but it is good work, work that brings us indescribable joy.

So, here are the logistics...the blog will be fresh and updated often, and will build up in content and resources over time. As with any new endeavor, there is room for growth. I am also issuing a call for families and parents who would like to be featured, or who are interested in posting guest content. Keep an eye out for more information on this open call in the coming months.


Where to find the blog and updates:


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Ever your servant and friend in Christ,