Our Ministry Mission:

  • To lead families and children into the freedom and grace found in Jesus

  • To equip and support parents in their role as spiritual leaders of their families.

  • To cultivate a desire to know, praise, and enjoy God outside of church.

What we believe:

  • The great work of raising children to know God primarily happens at home; we believe in empowering parents to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. 

  • We believe that the mother and father form the foundation of the family; the health of their relationship is a major determining factor in the health of the family. 

  • We believe in substance supported by style, never the opposite. It is our goal to provide support for families striving to live out Christian teaching in all its joyful wonder by using technology, fresh resources, and the best, most engaging teaching styles.

  • We believe Christian families should go out into the world to connect and serve others as examples of Christ’s love; we support families as they engage with our community and wider culture.