Men of Iron Works Prayer Partners 

The men of the church have voiced an interest in setting up prayer partners. You and another guy from the church will be set up to pray for one another, for Iron Works Church, and for Phoenixville in general. How you pray is up to you. The two of you can decide if you would like to meet up and pray in person. Maybe just texting back and forth is easier for you, and this will serve as an accountability partner of sorts for your prayer life.

Fill in your name, preferred method of contact (email or phone) and any comments you have for the Men's Group leadership (e.g.,suggestions, ideas, specific person you would like to get paired up with.)

These prayer partners will be set for the quarter (3 months) and somewhere mid summer, someone from the Men’s Ministry will follow up with a form for feedback and possibly switch up the partners.

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Phone number
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