Planning Center Online Help

Introduction to Planning Center

Watch this video for a general overview of how it works: 

Setting up Your Account

If at any time you have any questions, please get in touch with Laura Williams. 

Logging in to Your Account the First Time

You’ll receive a welcome email from Planning Center Online. Click the link, enter the e-mail address to which it was sent, and you will receive another email with a link to set up your password. In that e-mail, click the link and set a new password. Use that e-mail address and password to log in at

Set Your Preferences and Blockout Dates

Click the silhouette in the top right, then click “Profile”

Schedule Heading:

  • In the center of the screen, click the “add block out dates.” This is how you will indicate in advance the dates when you’ll be unable to serve. 

  • The calendar is fairly straightforward, but if you have any trouble, click the “Show Me How” icon for more information. This page also contains detailed information on setting block-out dates: 

  • Please feel free to ignore the “Reason” box. You’ll see those dates appear under “Upcoming Plans.”

Preferences Heading:

  • This is where you’ll communicate how frequently you want to serve overall--e.g., You’d prefer to serve in any capacity no more than two times per month. You can also set the number of times per day you’d like to serve as well. (Note: For setup team and music team, please leave this as “unlimited.”)

  • For each team you’ve been assigned, you can set how often you’d like to serve in the teams heading. 

  • Teams Heading:

  • You’ll see the teams on which you serve listed there. If something is missing, please contact Laura Williams.

  • If you’d like to further specify how often you’d like to serve on a specific team, you can do that in the bottom-right of each box by clicking the triangle. 

Set Your Communication Preferences

  • Click the “Communication” Tab
  • The only heading you’ll be concerned with here is “Text Notifications”
  • Your mobile number may already be entered in the field. If you would like to receive text messages, click “Edit” and add your carrier to the appropriate field. 
  • After clicking save, you’ll see the options for communications you wish to receive. Check “Scheduling Requests” and “Reminders.”


You’ll receive an e-mail when your team leader schedules you:

You can simply click accept, and you’re done. However, if you have a schedule conflict (which should be a rare occurrence, since you’ve already entered your block-out dates), then we would request that you find a person to replace you that Sunday. Luckily, Planning Center makes that a bit easier by enabling you to see people’s availability:

  • Blocked-out. You can see who is unavailable on any given Sunday by clicking on the “View master calendar” button on the left-hand-side of the Plans page. 
  • Already-scheduled. On the Matrix page, you can see who is scheduled for which position during that service. That will help you avoid contacting a person who is not available. 
  • Who’s on my team, again? Furthermore, if you’re unsure of everyone who is on your team, you can go to the  People page (by clicking on People on the top sidebar) and search your team on the left side. 

Reminder E-mails
You will get an automated reminder e-mail at 10:30am on the Friday before the service that will take the place of the Sunday Service Reminder e-mail. If you need to see who is serving with you or who is serving on a different team that Sunday, you can log on to Planning Center at any time and click on the date of the service. Ministry teams will be on the left hand side of the page.