We see the purpose of the church is to be devoted to God, devoted to the city and devoted to one another. Groups are a big part of how this is accomplished. The church, much more than just a building or a particular service, is people: worshipping together, serving their communities, and growing as brothers and sisters. 

In small groups, we know and are known by others in our spiritual journey. These groups are bands of believers who support one another in Christian walk and mission. We do this in two equally important ways at Iron Works Church.

Home Groups

These small groups meet biweekly in homes throughout the area to foster more intimate community and build one another up in the faith through sharing, prayer, and study. Home groups are an essential part of the life of Iron Works Church.

Find a Home GrouP

You can contact hosts directly by clicking on the group name. Not sure which home group you'd like to try out? Get in touch with us and we'll get you started.


Sunday 5pm | Home of Sarah & Jeff Rucinski | Childcare available.


Monday 6:30pm | Home of Rob & Elizabeth Mattox | Dinner | Childcare available.


Tuesday 7pm | Home of Matt & Valerie McGoldrick


Wednesday 5:30pm | Home of
Lindsay & Luke Gale | Dinner 


Wednesday 5:30pm | Home of
Craig & Stephanie Newcomb | Dinner


Meeting time still being arranged | Located in Perkiomenville or Pottstown | Mark & Deb Fretz

Affinity Groups


Youth group meets biweekly Fridays at 5:30pm in IronSpace for fun, Bible study, and prayer. 


Men meet for a Bible study biweekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 in IronSpace. Biweekly on Tuesdays and early Sunday mornings, Men's Group provides a space for the men of Iron Works to forge strong bonds and provide each other accountability. 


We have a passion to see our sisters thrive, to see them confident and competent in their study of Scripture, and to see them forge deep friendships. Women of different generations, life stages, backgrounds, callings, struggles and strengths are brought together in Christ to listen to, learn from, and encourage each other.

In addition to a yearly retreat and other activities below, women gather biweekly for a Bible study on Thursday evenings at 7 pm in IronSpace.