An Offering by Rob Mattox

One thing I love about Iron Works is seeing Christ move and motivate us to create a "Hopescape” in Phoenixville.

You’ve heard of a landscaping—any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, usually to make it more beautiful.

To me, our PAAK project is “hopescaping”—creating an environment where people encounter the presence of the invisible God, a place where people thrive, where they suffer well, where they heal, where they are empowered to do the good works God prepared in advance for them to do.

We cannot underestimate the importance of Iron Works being a real, tangible place where people gather to create such an environment.

I once did a study of places in the book of Genesis.  It became quite obvious to me that places matter to God.  Not just land and property, but even a single tree can have tremendous significance. The great tree of Moreh at Shechem where God appeared to Abraham and then later where kings returned to be crowned.  Sacred places, right?

But our post-Christian culture doesn’t believe in sacred places much anymore.

We do, however, believe in the power of capitalism—it’s better to own than to rent.  That just makes sense.

If we’re really going to advance the Kingdom, we need to have a Kingdom mentality.  The Kingdom principle to keep in mind is that without presence, we have no influence.

We need a presence so we can create a hopescape, an environment where people encounter the invisible God.

Iron Works has been a hopescape for me.  I have plowed young hearts to plant kingdom seeds here.  I have lived and loved the people in my home group here.  Darin and I have dared to dream kingdom dreams here.  From here, my board game Hope City was born—my attempt to get the message of hope out to the masses.  And now that this hope is tangible, in game form, I want to plant some hope seeds all over the world.  Already, this game is in Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, the UK, Canada, and a half-dozen states in the U.S.

So I approached Darin with the idea of creating more hopescapes:  Today—when you give to the PAAK project, anyone who gives $40 or more receives a copy of my game Hope City. it’s a great Christmas gift that spreads the message of hope in other places

I’m also looking for a Hope Dealer—someone to donate $1,000 to PAAK today and get 25 copies of Hope City.  I will then make sure these games get onto 25 different university campuses so that seeds of hope can be planted there.

This is what the Lord is doing for us!