Managing Recurring Giving


We are grateful for you generosity. If you'd like to modify or cancel your existing recurring giving plan, some suggestions are below. You are always welcome to contact us for help managing a plan you've set up. 

If you made an account: Simply log in to your account on our Giving page by clicking Give Online, then "Log in/Sign up" in the top right corner. There's also an app for Android and iPhone. You can manage all your giving plans through those interfaces. 

If you have the original email: You can search your inbox for the subject line of the original email: "Automated giving has been set up!" The original email contains a link that allows you to cancel your gift. You can then set up your new giving plan on our Giving page. (While you're at it, you might want to make an account to make future changes a little easier.)

Otherwise, get in touch with us, and we can help you make changes.