Copy of Finding Forgiveness Seminar

Copy of Finding Forgiveness Seminar


If you are a Christian, you have personally experienced the joy of sins forgiven and reconciliation with God. Forgiveness, writes Pastor Stan Gale, “is a divine accomplishment to be savored and offered to others.” Forgiveness is the most basic of Christian graces, yet the topic raises many questions, including these:

  • Is it biblical to “forgive and forget”?
  • Why do we need to confess our sins if they are already forgiven?
  • How do we actually go about forgiving someone?
  • Does the Bible give a place to forgiving ourselves?
  • What does life look like after forgiveness?

In this Finding Forgiveness seminar, you will discover practical answers to these questions and many others. With pastoral warmth, the seminar will help you see how the awe of the gospel dawns anew for those who apply forgiveness and experience the healing of a burdened spirit or broken relationship.

The agenda for the seminar is as follows:

8:30 am | Gathering & Refreshments
9-9:50 | Session One: The Grace of Forgiveness
Break | Refreshments
10-10:50 | Session Two: The Practice of Forgiveness
Break | Refreshments
11-11:30 | Session Three: Freedom from Guilt & Shame

A $20 donation to the building fund is requested, however all are welcome regardless of financial contribution. If you would like to register without making a donation, please fill out the form below the "Register with Donation" button.

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