3.20.16 Music

Father Long Before Creation

To You Be the Glory

Be Thou My Vision

Jesus Messiah

Revelation Song

Upon a Life I Did Not Live

What We Proclaim

This week in Acts we will be looking at King Herod's demise. God used him for a season, the persecution and the subsequent dispersal of the church had it's purpose in the spread of the gospel, and the deepening of the church's faith. He used a despicable man for His own purposes, but God is a God of justice. King Herod neglected to give God the glory and he was very publicly shamed and destroyed. God shares His glory with no other, His ways are high above our understanding (To You Be The Glory). His plans are not always clear, and they include seasons of grave injustice, but ultimately they are good and perfect, written before the beginning of time (Father, Long Before Creation). His people are "afflicted, struck down, perplexed" but not "destroyed" or "driven to despair" (2 Cor 4 - What We Proclaim comes directly from this text), because He is the one who endured the ultimate affliction and injustice on our behalf (Jesus Messiah - He became sin, who knew no sin, that we might become His righteousness). In light of this, our songs this week focus on turning our eyes to Christ (Be Thou My Vision), being amazed by His power and glory, and therefore submitting to His perfect plan.