We see the purpose of the church is to be devoted to God, devoted to the city and devoted to one another. Groups are a big part of how this is accomplished. The church, much more than just a building or a particular service, is people: worshipping together, serving their communities and growing as brothers and sisters.    


A special part of our group meetings is when we study the Bible together. Our study requires no special knowledge or homework, everyone comes on the same footing. We will all look at the same passage, take time to make our own observations, then come together to share what we’ve seen, talk about what it could mean, look for how we can understand more about Jesus from it and how we can distill some applications. This inductive method both allows for a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures and the confidence and means to then study Bible for ourselves.



Home groups meet bi-weekly on Monday evenings through the school year. Gather to pray, study the Bible, enjoy and support your friends, worship together and serve your local community. Home meetings are where the mission of the church comes to life.  


Youth group meets on bi-weekly on Sundays at 5:30 PM for fun, Bible study and prayer. 

  • IRON WOMEN: Bible study 

Women's Study meets bi-weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm in various homes through the school year. We have a passion to see our sisters thrive, to see them confident and competent in their study of Scripture, and to see them forge deep friendships. Women of different generations, life stages, backgrounds, callings, struggles and strengths are brought together in Christ to listen to, learn from, and encourage each other.