Some have wondered where we find some of our music as not all of it is something you'd hear on the radio. We try to have an eclectic mix of styles and genres. Hymns, Top 40 CCM, obscure hymn text put to new music, even some originals: it's all fair game! But in the interest of enhancing our corporate and individual times of worship through music, I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to source music from. This is not exhaustive for sure, and I'm not vouching for every song on every album, just wanted to pass along some of our favorite things

- Becky


These guys are a collective of musicians that come together to make music to be used in corporate worship. They also seek to be a resource for discussing the place of art in the church and how artists can use their particular gifts to serve. Their sound is pretty subtle, lots of intricate details, lots of interesting things going on musically so you can listen and find new things every time. They also have some rich choral-like backgrounds. We get songs like "We Are Not Overcome" and "Be Still My Soul" from here. You can download a free sampler from

Indelible Grace

We get a LOT of great songs from here. It's one of our main resources. These guys were on the forefront of the movement to write new tunes to all-but-forgotten hymns, an idea I really love. You'll recognize a lot of the titles if you take a look. You can also access all the lead sheets, lyrics, and musical resources for each song at the INDELIBLE GRACE HYMNBOOK online, or buy their albums